Your Business Should Respond Publicly on Social Media and This is Why

keyboard with icons for public responses to customers on social media

Your Business Should Respond Publicly on Social Media and This is WhyYou get a notification that there’s a comment on the latest Facebook post for your business. It’s a customer offering a critical suggestion on how you can improve your service.

What do you do?

The answer is that the business responds to that customer with an open and public “reply” comment… just like the original.

But, wouldn’t it be so much easier to hide or delete the comment and ignore it?

Not at all, and here’s why.

Your Business Should Respond Publicly on Social Media and This is Why

“Haters are not your problem. . . . Ignoring them is. Not responding is a response. A response that says “I don’t care about you.”

  • Jay Baer, Hug Your Haters

Responding to customer comments, even the complaints, works in your favor. 

Look at those statistics. Can you afford to lose people for not responding? Would you like to gain business by taking the time to craft a thoughtful response?

Here are 5 great reasons to respond publicly the next time you get a customer questions, suggestion, or complaint on social media.

  1. Customers visit a business’s social media to see what it represents- and specifically if it has good customer service. Before they trust you, they look to see if there is a history of responding to questions and complaints. 
  2. Handling comments and complaints well will make your business stand out. In spite of the high number of messages that need a response, companies only reply to 11% of people
  3. No response IS a response. Customers who visit your pages and see questions and complaints will wait to see how you react. Your response (or lack thereof) tells them whether they can trust you and your brand.
  4. When you answer concerns publicly, current customers know you value their concerns, and potential clients will have a reason to consider doing business with your company.
  5. Handling questions publicly the first time may eliminate the need for future responses.


The next time you get a social media notification that someone commented on a post, take the time to respond. You not only address that customer, but you are setting your business up for future success.