Case Study: Social Media Lead Generation

empty notebook ready to be filled with new b2b leads

Case Study: Social Media Lead GenerationCan social media generate leads? You bet it can. We helped a recent client do just that.

This client’s business development team needed more efficient lead generation. Their current social media plan, though seemingly effective, just wasn’t getting it done.

We worked together to create a new social media strategy to help them stand out with their audience and bring in more leads. 

What did we do?

Case Study: Social Media Lead Generation

First of all, we created a new social media strategy.

  • Developed a buyer persona to hone in on the target audience.
  • Analyzed the competition.
  • Keyword research.
  • Set specific goals.

Successful strategies have goals that can be measured. Measurements should be set up before fully implementing the new strategy.

Once the new strategy was complete, we fine-tuned the tactics.

  • Reviewed best times to post for the client’s particular audience.
  • Tested the types of content the audience would engage with.
  • Focused on the platforms that would reach the target audience (where they were already active).
  • Smart use of blogs.
  • Running social media ads.

Targeted blogs were created with the new buyer persona in mind and topics were varied based on the different stages of the buyer’s journey. Topics were helpful, educational and interesting to the audience. The blogs became our critical social media content.

Social media advertising was used to maximize reach to the target audience, making sure they saw the content created just for them.

Finally, with the strategy and tactics in place, tracking became essential.

  • Social media’s built-in platform metrics for tracking results. 
  • Google analytics goal feature.
  • Pre-established goal measurements-
    • Example: Online forms filled out, email sign-ups, etc.

More leads came in through social media for our client. And it can happen for you, too. Just make sure you develop a good strategy, think through the tactics, and have results measurements in place.