Your Business Should Advertise on Social Media and This is Why

several people sitting while on their phones looking at social media advertisements from businesses
Your Business Should Advertise on Social Media and This is Why

This is the first blog in a series where we explore the parts of social media that businesses aren’t doing but should be.

As we talk to potential clients and teach classes, we hear so many excuses. In this article, we’re going to bypass those excuses and tell it to you straight.

Let’s start with social media advertising! Did you know:

  • Instagram ads outpaced Facebook this year
  • Facebook ads reach over 72% of its monthly active users

Why Your Business Should Advertise on Social Media

“With algorithms and altered social media feeds, organic engagement is getting much harder for businesses to earn. The push toward social media advertising is no longer an option for most businesses.” 

Sprout Social

The short answer is that social media ads work! Our clients see it every single day.

And they work fast.

What other advertising opportunity allows you to make changes in seconds, track results within hours, and provide it all to a highly targeted audience?

Traditional marketing platforms like TV, radio, print, billboard, etc. don’t generate clicks to an action that provides a sustainable ROI.

We love content marketing, but it takes time to produce leads and even more time to calculate ROI.

You might think trendy influencer marketing can get the same quick results as running social media ads (and can be more hands-off). But they may be expensive, can be challenging to track, and results are on a post-by-post basis.

If you have a deep-seated aversion or fear of social media advertising, then no blog will make you change your mind. But if you are reading this, then chances are good that you have at least an impression that social media ads provide real results. Hopefully, those last few reservations will fall away, and you can get the ball rolling.