Tips to Improve Your Social Media Photos

Taking a picture for social media with a phone
Tips to Improve Your Social Media Photos

The human brain processes visual data much faster than text. In fact, it processes this visual information about 60,000 times more quickly!

Even more important than that, we humans can recall information we’ve seen better than news we’ve heard.

Why is that important in social media?

We’re glad you asked!

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Photos

You will answer YES to the following questions, right?

  • Do you want your social media content to stand out?
  • Would you like to make an emotional connection with your audience?
  • Do you want people to remember you and what your business is about?

The way to go about all of the above is with a great photo. And even if you have a professional photographer or graphics person on staff, you’re here because you want to contribute to the mix… capturing those emotional, real-life, authentic, behind-the-scenes moments that can make your content pop!

Tips for Taking Photos for Social Media

  • Take lots of pictures of All THE THINGS! You don’t have to use them all, but you’ll have them just in case.
  • Feature people and faces vs. buildings and stuff.
  • But(t)… Don’t take pictures of people’s backs or even the backs of their heads.
  • Get up CLOSE. Don’t be one of those people that stands in the back of the room taking far away photos!
  • Have some fun with your camera filters (that’s why they are there!).
  • Tilt your camera and make it interesting! Squat down, and hold your camera up over your head. You get the (angled) picture.
  • Use the rule of thirds. What is that?
  • Don’t force a big group of people all into one picture. Instead, do smaller groups, more photos, and closer faces. Everyone will shine, and the images will be better for it.

We pulled together some great examples of our pro tips. Click on each “example” for inspiration.

Now it’s time to take great photos that you can add to your company’s social media mix. We hope to see them in our Facebook and Instagram feeds!