What is a Social Media Content Marketing Template and How Can it Save You a Ton of Time?

Checking your watch to see how much time your new social media content marketing template has saved you

We talk about content calendars all the time. We talk about them because we use them! They save us a ton of time and make content planning easy.

In fact, we create them for each new client and teach their value at every opportunity.


(It’s okay to ask that question! Even I had to ask it at one point in my career.)

A content calendar or template is a blank document that gives you a framework for planning out what content to post and when to post it.

When we talk about “content” we mean: the information you post on social media.

Content can be:

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Website links
  • Giphy’s
  • Events
  • Polls

Basically, whatever you can put in a status box is content!

We even created a content marketing template that you can use for free.

Content Calendar

➡ Download Free Social Media Content Calendar ⬅

As you can see in our template, we put the days of the week across the top. Then we place the platforms and posting times down the side. By filling in the blanks, you have a planned out week of content to use as a guide. Just update the platforms and times to your own specific social media accounts.

Use the social media content marketing template to:

  • save time by planning social media content for days, or even weeks in advance
  • serve as a guide for content scheduling so your mind doesn’t go blank when you sit down to post
  • be a timesaver for your team when you share duties

Now that you have this time-saving tool, learn more about how to use it. Check out our blog: How to Build a Social Media Content Calendar