3 Things to Learn From the Presidential Election Social Media

presidential election confetti

Political candidates are using social media to get their messages out.

To ask for your vote. To tell you why they deserve your vote.

And we, the voters, are tuned in and listening as we try to make informed decisions.

Guess what?

The same thing works for business. Business = candidate. Customers = voters.

How are these candidates using social media? Let’s look at 3 best practices that can easily translate to your business.

1. Be visible on social media

The top candidates are actively engaged on social media. Tweeting, re-Tweeting, posting articles on Facebook, releasing YouTube videos, and creating slogan graphics all make up a part of their content. Candidate social media accounts don’t sit idle.

Whether it’s one platform or several, consistently putting out information and responding to customer service issues via social media is a proven way to increase visibility.

2. Build campaign brand awareness.

Political candidates are selling themselves through the “media” of social media. They are using social media to further their brand.

“Make America Great Again” or “Hillary for America”? Without looking it up, you can envision the blue background and white stars of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Likewise, you can see the capital H with the red arrow of the “Hillary for America” logo.

Wouldn’t you like for your customers to have such a clear image of your company, brand, and products?

3. Communicate with the public

Press releases are still useful for politics and business, but there are other ways to convey your message.

Social media is the perfect place to make announcements and link to other media sources to further your message. It’s also the perfect place to tell people where you’ll be and what new ideas you would like to introduce. Your customers want to hear what you have to say!

This election year will make a great case study on how to use social media effectively. Now go add some of these best practices to your business.