Keeping Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Current When Everything is Changing

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When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, the last step is making sure all of the other steps work!

Seems simple enough. So far you’ve…

Now it’s time to test, measure, listen and make adjustments.

Keeping Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Current When Everything is Changing


Are you able to create content and make posts that support your goals? Are your posts attracting the right people and are they responding to your call-to-actions?

Testing different kinds of content and the way your audience responds is an ongoing process until you find what works. Try things, make notes and then make adjustments.


Start measuring against the metrics you established. If you are falling below the target, make adjustments and try new things.

Try out some tools to make measuring easier.

  • Set up Google Analytics if web traffic is a goal.
  • Use a URL shortener (like Bitly) or UTM codes to track web clicks.
  • Install the Facebook Pixel.


Now that you are putting your strategy steps into place, listen to what’s being said about your business, your industry, and your competition.

It’s another way of gathering information.

Being able to respond quickly to what’s happening in real time is an important part of a complete strategy.

We have several suggestions of how to do this (and some useful tools that will automate the process) here >> How To: Social Media Listening for Business

NOW here’s the big reveal: Your social media strategy is an on-going process. It will never work (or stay current) when everything is changing as rapidly as social media does unless you keep up!