What is a Social Media Audit and Why Do You Need To Do One?

man reviews social media audit

Audit is not a word you like to hear, am I right? But we can all agree that audits are important to a business.

That goes for auditing your social media too.

YES, even your social media accounts should be put under the microscope for regular inspection.

What is a Social Media Audit and Why Do You Need To Do One?

What is an audit?

An audit is an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts.

As it applies to social media, that means taking a long hard look at what you’ve been posting, the channels you’re using, how you sound, etc.

Look at your social media from an outsiders perspective. Will they see a consistent, united brand no matter which social media platform they find you on?

Here are some questions to ask: –

  • Who you are – how do you your customers see you? Are those customers getting the right information? Look at your images, profile information, and website links.
  • Where you are – which social media platforms are you on? Which ones should you be on (or removed from)? Even if you don’t think your company is on Pinterest, do a double-check. Also, Google your company name to see what pops up.
  • What you’re doing – what kind of content are you posting? Is it helpful to your audience? Are you sending out the right messages, using the most up-to-date pictures and videos?
  • How you’re doing it when are you posting? It is enough (or too much)? How can you find out?
  • Suggestions for improvement.

Knowing the answers to these questions is important, especially in the fast-moving, always-changing world of social media. Things fall through the cracks, profiles don’t get updated, inconsistencies show up, and strategies don’t get implemented.

Maybe there’s new competition in town or you’ve recently had staff turn-over. It’s good business practice to do a regular, scheduled review of all your business social media accounts. Consider once a year minimum, but more frequently if your products or services change often.

We might now have you on board with a social media audit, but are you a little intimidated by how to do it?

We’re here to the rescue.

Download our social media audit template here.

Use this template to get started, and prepare to be surprised! A social media audit is not only fun to do (okay, maybe that’s just us!) but very informative.

Happy auditing!