Facebook Analytics for B2B Marketers

b2b marketers review analytics on clipboard

Should B2B marketers analyze Facebook differently than any other business?

All good analysis should begin with goals.  B2B businesses have goals too, right?

Facebook Analytics for B2B Marketers

In business, you know how well you’re performing based on measurable data points. For your business, things that can be measured might include increases in revenue, cash flow or clients who are won or lost.

So what are useful metrics for a B2B business to focus on when using Facebook? And how can you use them to make better marketing decisions (analysis).

Start with your business goals and find the Facebook metrics that best matchup for measurement.

Some of the most common Facebook goals for our B2B business clients are –

  • Brand awareness through reaching potential customers
  • New product demonstrations through video views
  • Event awareness through website click signups
  • New sales opportunities through lead generation
  • Conversions through online sales, email sign-ups, or event registrations
  • New App launch through app downloads

EXAMPLE: Let’s look at how you can analyze Brand Awareness through Facebook’s metrics.

  • Organic Reach – How many people saw your business or product information just because it appeared in their feed.
  • Paid Reach – How many people saw your information, video, website link based on an advertising campaign.
  • Impressions – How many times was your information viewed by the people who came across it in their feed.
  • Engagement – How many people took action on your information by clicking a reaction (like the thumb’s up), clicking on a web link or typing out a comment.
  • Follower Count – How many Followers does your Facebook Business page have and is that number growing.

FB Insights

Find these metrics and more on the Insights tab of your Facebook Business page. Here is a complete beginners breakdown of what you’ll find through Insights.

As you are figuring out how to use Facebook for your B2B business, here are is a quick link to our most helpful Facebook posts. Now set those goals and make Facebook WORK FOR YOU!