Facebook Page vs Group- Why Your Business Should Have a Facebook Group

Group of friends meet on bridge after talking in Facebook group

You know how Facebook is always changing things. Well, right now Facebook loves groups… and so do I!

I belong to 40 Facebook groups! They range from groups of experts who help me do my job better, to groups that exist just to plan a friend’s birthday party. I see new groups created every day!

Should your business have a Facebook group too?

According to Facebook, the difference between a page and a group is:

  •  is a brand’s public online presence.
  •  is a space for people to discuss ideas around common activities or interests in a safe space with moderation availability.

So then, what’s the benefit of a group?

Why Your Business Should Have a Facebook Group

 “Unlike Pages, which tend to be focused on promotion, groups are collaborative in nature.” Social Media Today


  • More visibility in the Newsfeed (Facebook really likes groups right now)
  • Have a way to search posts (groups create a useful archive)

Those benefits matter! They matter because you can use a group to meet your business goals.

Take Move Digital for example.

We use our Facebook page to promote our business and share who we are and what we like to do. The goals of our Facebook page include awareness of what we do, helping our SEO, and running Facebook ads.

But, we also have a closed Facebook group for our clients and local peers. Members can ask and answer questions and get the latest information and industry updates. The goals of the group are to reinforce our industry expertise and provide our clients an extra place to contact us and network.

The keys to a successful group are to-

  • be active
  • moderate

Be sure you have multiple admins to keep the group running smoothly. Assign tasks and take turns posting, asking questions, and engaging with group members if necessary. And remember, a group should be a space where people can ask questions, participate, and share their opinions. It is critical to have an active moderator to keep everyone on topic and above board.

Finally, understand that creating a Facebook group takes as much effort as adding another social media platform. It’s not something you can easily take back once it’s going. As you think about creating a group, it’s essential to know who your group members would be and why they would care about joining.

If you still have your heart set on a Facebook group and nothing written above has scared you off, go create that group (find a handy set up guide HERE).

Don’t forget to invite me to join!