Getting Started With Instagram Ads

We know you’re busy using Instagram to build an audience of followers and regularly add photos to the gallery. Hopefully, you’re also creating a few Instagram Stories? Yeah, you are!

Now it might be time to think about using Instagram to get sales, influence users, generate leads, drive web traffic and get conversions.

What does that even look like?


Getting Started With Instagram Ads

#1 How To Use Ads

STOP: The first piece of Instagram ad knowledge you need is that Facebook owns Instagram.

That’s important because Instagram advertising is within your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Instagram (and Instagram Stories) is an ad set placement option.

Instagram Placement

Now that you know you’re dealing with Facebook Ads Manager, the rest of this should click right into place.

Let’s get started –

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Now you know the ways of Instagram ads!

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Feeling empowered to get started? Do it!

#2 Types of Instagram Ads

Just like your regular Facebook ads start with an objective, so too will your Instagram ads. One of those objectives is Lead Generation. Generating leads is an important objective, especially for businesses that want to cultivate new customers.


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Ready to give Lead Generation ads a try?

One distinct option for running Instagram ads is the use of Stories. Stories should be viewed a little different than a regular News Feed ad. Don’t leave them out of your advertising mix.

Here’s a complete “How To” for just for Stories.

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Note: We’ll be covering additional objectives and ad types in 2019, so be sure and subscribe to our email list. 

#3 Ad Inspiration

Finally, before you jump into full blow Instagram advertising, it’s always helpful to see what others are doing. We like to look for inspiration and re-visit our favs.

Holland Photo Ad

How can you use other businesses Instagram ads to give you ideas? Here’s a start –

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The why is important, so if you missed that, give this a re-read again later today.

Now that we’ve hit the highlights of Instagram advertising, give it a try. There’s no time like the present! And you’ve got enough knowledge after reading this that getting started should be a breeze.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and not take advantage of the many options you have in front of you through social media. Happy “gramming”!