How to Create Instagram Stories Ads

woman scrolls on instagram on phone

Aren’t we all addicted to Instagram Stories?

Whether it’s your from a best friend or a fav coffee shop, stories give us immediate insight into what’s happening RIGHT NOW! And checking them a couple of times a day for fear of missing out (FOMO) is real.

They do disappear after 24 hours after all.

But Instagram Stories ads don’t!

How to Create Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories ads appear in between the stories of the people and brands you follow.

While the Instagram app is viewable on a desktop, stories are created by users exclusively through the mobile app version. Likewise, when creating your stories ad, make sure it is an image, photo or video that’s optimized for a mobile device.

It should be –

  • full screen and vertical (1080 x 1920 pixels is recommended)
  • use sound (60% of stories are viewed with sound on)

You can find the full range of Instagram ad specs here. You can use a still image or photo, a video, or the carousel option which allows up to 3 frames.


You will use the Facebook Ads Manager to create your Instagram ads. Your ad objective can be reach (getting the most people to see it), video views, brand awareness, traffic, conversions, lead generation, or app installs.


Stories will be a placement option:

Instagram Placement

From there you will set up your budget and audience.

Once you get to the ad creation tab in Facebook Ads Manager, you will have few options to work with, so make them count.

You also need to plan in advance for what your Call To Action (CTA) will be.


When creating an Instagram stories ad, think of the way people view stories as entertainment. Ask yourself, is your ad time sensitive (it fits in well with the short life-span of regular stories), does it showcase a behind the scenes moment, does it share news, or introduce something new?

Give Instagram stories ads a shot! Just remember that sandwiched in between all of the spontaneous, real-life stores will sit your ad. So make it a good one!