Getting Started With Facebook Ads

We say this a lot, but it’s true…

There is more to Facebook advertising than the “Boost” button. (That might sting, but this is tough love!)

Facebook Ads Manager offers you SO many different options that it’s worth figuring out. Options that could meet your goals faster, better and for less money.

Take one of our recent clients as an example. They had an aggressive goal to double sales over the previous year. They had been boosting their own posts, but knew they needed help with ads. With custom audiences and using several different ad types, the client saw a 102%  increase in sales. Do you know what else – a 671% return on investment!

Isn’t that worth taking the time to learn?

Getting Started With Facebook Ads

#1 Understanding Ads Manager

menu frequently used

Stop your dependence on the Boost button by getting to know Ads Manager. Really get in there and learn how to use it.

We’ve covered the most important menu sections here –

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We also go over your options when choosing to run an ad, called Ad Types. There are over 10 objectives that you can chose from and understanding how they can fit your goals is one of the keys to running good ads.

#2 The Power of an Audience

To get the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to understand how to design and use a custom audience. It’s a smart way to spend your ad dollars – showing the right ad to the right people, and only those people.

custom audience options

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Custom audiences and saved audiences take time to set up, but once they are ready to use are easily accessible. Yes, even for future boosted posts!

#3 Set a Budget

Once you are familiar with Facebook Ads Manager and have an idea what kind of audiences you need to create, it’s time to set a budget and get some ads running.

And that doesn’t mean guessing.

We’ve had clients reach their goals by spending $100 a month. But their specific goals can be met at that budget. Other clients, with different goals, may spend $5,000 or more in a month to meet their goals.

Here’s our absolute best budget advice –

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So no guessing, and no spending money that you don’t need to.

Hopefully, now, some of the mystery has been removed from Facebook Ads Manager and you are on your way to setting up some great ads (with the right audience and approved budget).