Facebook Ads Checklist for Your Small Business

open sign on a small business
Facebook Ads Checklist for Banks or Credit Unions

Your small business has a Facebook ad up and running. Now what?

That’s a great question. All too often Facebook posts are boosted and… that’s it. Or an ad is set up in Ads Manager but isn’t reviewed until someone wants to see the results.

Don’t do this!

What Should Happen After You Hit Submit

Here’s my handy Facebook ads checklist of what should happen after the ad starts running. How many is your business completing already?

1. Check in with Facebook Ads Manager Regularly

Go into Facebook Ads Manager each week and review, in detail, each ad that is currently running.

If you have the Facebook Ads app on your mobile device, that’s also an excellent way to get a snapshot of current campaigns.

I usually pop into the app for a brief daily snapshot, then do a weekly in-depth check from my desktop.

Why is this important? When you need to make advertising adjustments or even radical changes, it makes a lot more sense if you’ve had your eye on the performance of the ads from the beginning.

2. Make Adjustments to Your Facebook Ads

DON’T BE AFRAID TO TWEAK A RUNNING FACEBOOK AD! Sorry for using my outside voice, but all too often I find that advertisers set up ads then are afraid to touch them again.

Make adjustments throughout the ad campaign to ensure you spend your money wisely and efficiently.  It’s fine-tuning for maximum results.

Tweaks might include:

  • Copy edits to clarify the message
  • Increasing your budget
  • Changing the call to action
  • Turning off a high cost-per-results ad
  • Turning off a poorly performing ad

Why is this important? Tweaking an ad is acceptable when you can maximize performance or mitigate risk. It’s your money and your desired outcome that is on the line.

3. Monitor Your Ads

If you are running a Facebook ad to increase engagement for your small business, comments are a significant factor in its success. Make sure to monitor for comments and reactions. Like and respond to comments just as you would on a regular page post.

Make sure you’re checking for comments several times a day so you can respond promptly.

Why is this important? Don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your customers or members.

Facebook ads can be effective for small businesses if you know what you’re doing. Following up, following through, and making adjustments along the way are important parts of running a successful ad campaign.