When Is It Time To Spend Money On Social Media Ads

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When is it time to spend money on social media ads?

Let’s get right to the answer: NOW!

(Just kidding. We’ll give you a little bit more info than that.)

When Is It Time To Spend Money On Social Media Ads

In the spirit of no time to waste, here are 6 reasons why you should make it happen as soon as possible.

And they are not just “reasons” for the sake of convincing you… they are backed up with data. THAT is the most convincing thing of all.

6 Reasons to Spend Money on Social Media Ads

1. Liking your page does not mean your fans will see your posts:

2. You want to reach people and chances are those people are on Facebook:

3. You have things to sell – a product, event ticket, service:

4. You have interesting information that will help your consumers. You just need to earn their trust over time, and they have a lot of time to give.

5. You want to reach new customers:

6. You want to stay competitive:

Now that you are all in, how much do you spend? We already tackled that subject for you.

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