Is Your Business Using Advanced Targeting and Personalization?

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Is Your Business Using Advanced Targeting and Personalization?

It’s my turn to talk about the prediction I made for 2018. If you know me, you know I dig into the data and do my research. So it’s no wonder I said –

The analytics and data available through social media channels are unmatched. But with the influx of companies choosing to advertise on social media,  you must do something to stand out. Personalization is the obvious next step – it gives users useful information about a company when they want to see it, leading to lower ad costs and more profit.  

Larkin Grant, Social Media Predictions for 2018

Is Your Business Using Advanced Targeting and Personalization?

When it’s personal, we pay attention!

Nearly 3/4 of the respondents in a national poll were frustrated when they received messages and information that didn’t recognize them and adapt to their interests.

Consumers are being trained by successful companies (think Amazon) to expect results based on their behavior.

How can you make personalization successful for your business?

#1 Design a strategy.

What do you already know about your customer? Can you predict what they will do next? 

# Start tracking.

Gather information about your customer and start tracking the steps they took toward purchasing a product, opening an account, taking out a loan, etc.

#3 Utilize software.

Good software can help with personalized and targeted emails. It can track how customers use your website and how they got there. It can help you understand who views your social media content.

#4 Deliver content.

Once you’ve gathered your data, start delivering the right content through the right channels to your audience. Use advanced social media advertising features to create a custom audience based on your customer’s data (instead of just using the boost button).

#5 Review.

You will find us preaching the need for goals. Goals for everything! Once you start tracking and targeting, you must review the results and re-design as needed. You never want to set something up and walk away hoping it will work. You have to analyze and evaluate to see what’s working.

Your business can achieve success through personalization and targeted marketing. You might just find it can lower costs and increase profit.