How to Train Your Employees on Social Media

employees sit in social media training session

78% of the U.S. population has a social networking profile.

According to a recent Pew Research Center report, your employees are using social media to benefit their work experience by-

  • connecting with co-workers and building on-the-job relationships
  • getting information that helps them do their job
  • taking a mental break from work-related tasks

The worst possible thing employers can do concerning social media is ignore the role it plays in the lives of their employees.

It’s time to prioritize training.

How to Train Your Employees on Social Media

1. Social Media Policy

A good place to start to create dialogue around social media use is a social media policy.

The basics we discuss are –

  • Respect and refrain from posting confidential, proprietary, or copyrighted corporate information. Any company’s privacy policy should extend to the use of social media.
  • Use common sense and engage in common courtesy. Even private settings do not guarantee privacy when it comes to social media or the internet.
  • Employees must represent themselves honestly. All statements made about the employer on social media should be true and not misleading.

Corporate social media policies can be as sophisticated or basic as required. Tailor it to your business and employee needs.

2. Professional Training

Bringing in the experts for professional social media training can be one of the easiest ways to get employees up to speed.

We offer customized training for our clients, which is an efficient use of time, resources, and budget.

No matter where you live, a quick google search for social media training in your area will provide a starting point.

PRO TIP: Professional trainers can offer effective training without customization, but if you have the option, tactics customized for your industry, labor force, and specific needs are worth the investment.

3. Online Training Courses

There are great online training courses available for your employees. Online courses can offer a flexible approach that is often free or low cost.

A few sites to consider-

  • Alison – free online courses
  • Udemy – online courses for a fee; learn at your own pace

It might be a bit overwhelming at a glance, but with a little research, you can find what suits the needs of your employees. Research within your industry or across peer groups may yield recommendations as well.

Take the step towards training your employees on social media. Just like you nurture good health and teamwork, embracing how social media impacts your employees’ lives and helping to educate them benefits your company as much as it benefits the worker.