Move Case Study – Local Verification

digital marketers work together to secure local verification for client

Simple things can make a big difference. We are pleased to present this case study about one simple yet impactful change.

Brand impressions increased by 138% with local verification

The Challenge

Facebook users frequently check in to their favorite locations. They like to post pictures and tag pages when sharing an experience with family and friends.

When fans correctly tag pages, there are many benefits for the business, including:

  • creating word-of-mouth advertising
  • brands can engage in a timely fashion with their audience
  • allowing brands to monitor their online reputation.

However, a local attraction in Huntsville, Alabama, was losing out on this traffic. An unofficial Facebook location page was automatically created years ago. As a result, valuable opportunities were lost.

This was a challenge for growing the visibility of their attraction and strategically using Facebook to accomplish their goals.

The Process

Our first step was to find a solution that would drive these valuable check-ins to the official brand page.

Fortunately, Facebook recently released a new verification process for local pages. This process would help indicate to users which page was the official brand page.

We recommended this verification process as the most effective solution.

The Results

Immediately the attraction began receiving notifications of check-ins and mentions from visitors.

Messages about the attraction created 712,028 impressions on Facebook during Q1.

  • 138% increase in impressions
  • 129% increase in new page fans 

This attraction is now able to monitor customer feedback in a timely fashion, engage with visitors about their experience and quickly resolve any issues involving their brand.