How to Analyze Content for Your Social Media Audit

Marketer analyzes social media content on laptop for social media audit

A successful social media audit means spending time analyzing content.

We’re talking about what is getting posted and why it’s even out there. Do you have the answers?

Gold star if you do! If you don’t, keep reading.

What is social media content?

What do we mean when we use the word content?

Content is anything that gets posted – the text, images, graphics, videos, articles and events that are on the timeline of any social media profile.

How to Use a Social Media Audit to Find Content

We created a free audit template to take you through all of the steps of a social media audit.

Download our audit template here.

Once it’s downloaded, this is the column we’ll be focusing on first.

For this column, take a look at each social media profile in the previous column, and list out what kinds of posts are being made.

How to Analyze Content for Your Social Media Audit

As you are filling out the WHAT column in your social media audit, keep it simple.

For example:

  • Staff photo
  • Link to an article
  • New product details
  • Link to a blog
  • Promote an event
  • Sponsorship

Now it’s time to put on your analysis hat and move on the WHY column.

In this column, you are asking about the reason behind the content or WHY it was posted.

Good questions to ask about your content:

  • Do you see any patterns to the content?
  • Does this matter to your audience?
  • How does this help your business?
  • Are there things that you don’t need to put out there?
  • What is missing?

How do you know the answers? Refer back to your business goals.

Remember, social media does not exist in a vacuum. Everything you post should have a purpose or a goal. Each post should support, in some way, your overall business goals.

Not sure what that looks like?

Here are some examples we pulled of content that is matched up with social media strategy goals for reference.

7 Social Media Post Ideas with Examples to Fill Out Your Content Marketing Calendar

If you can’t explain why certain content was posted, that’s okay. An audit is designed to tell you just that. Now you have the knowledge to make changes going forward.

You’re ready for that gold star! ⭐