The Everything Guide to a Social Media Audit

A social media audit can serve as a roadmap to achieving your goals

Audit is not a scary word. Getting an audit is not a bad experience.

I’m strictly speaking about auditing your social media. Whatever else you associate with the word audit is up to you!

And if there is still a teensy lingering doubt, here is your guide to making a social media audit easy peasy.

The Everything Guide to a
Social Media Audit

1. Start with our free social media audit template. ⬇️ Download and save your own copy.

Download our social media audit template.

2. We talk about how great a social media audit is, but if you’re still on the fence, clicking that yellow button there will convince you.

3. Now that you know what a social media audit is and why we really, really want you to do one, learn how to fill out our handy template.

4. Part of the audit process is finding ALL of the social media profiles your company has – the ones you know about and the ones you don’t!

5. Working through a social media audit is the BEST TIME in the world to get business branding under control. You want consistency across all platforms. Here’s how –

6. Content is anything that gets posted on your social media. A social media audit forces you to spend time analyzing content… and this is a good thing!

Performing a social media audit can be an eye-opening experience. Hopefully, it’s a little less of a scary one now that you are armed with our knowledge on how to do it right.