Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy Starts With an Audit

Marketer writes out social media strategy on piece of paper

When creating your social media marketing strategy, you have to take inventory of what you currently have to work with.

But sometimes…. you get a surprise!!

Oh, didn’t know your co-worker set up an Instagram page for the IT Group? How about that your boss let his daughter create a company Snapchat?

These scenarios can (and REALLY DO) happen. That’s why you need to do a social media audit. Use your marketing strategy time to do the digging, and discover what really has your company’s name on it.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy Starts With an Audit

How do you audit your social media?

You can start with this template:Download our audit template here.⬅

You’ll need to really think about the reason why each social media profile was created. As you complete your marketing strategy, this will tell you what you want to keep, what you want to eliminate, and what needs to be UPDATED!!

And guess what else you can include in your audit? Where your competition is and what they are doing!

While you are digging around for the full scope of your own digital footprint, take a peek at a few of your competitors. This will help inform your strategy, too.

Speaking of your social media marketing strategy, here are the rest of the steps to complete it. Don’t leave any out!

Download Create a Social Media Strategy in 6 Simple Steps checklist.