Measuring Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals

measuring cups

Remember those goals you set for your social media marketing strategy?

To jog your memory, go here: Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Now it’s time to figure out how to measure them!

Think of your strategy like a new recipe… you have to measure the ingredients to make sure the food comes out tasting like it’s supposed to. You can’t get the beautiful dish without identifying and measuring the ingredients!

They key is to select metrics (or ways to measure) that get real (delicious!) results. Chose wisely. Otherwise, your strategy doesn’t work.

Measuring Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals

How do you figure out what to measure to achieve your goals? Let’s look at a few examples.

GOAL: Get more website traffic

To get more website traffic using social media, you’ll need to share links to your website and give people a reason to click on them! Use your social media posts to make the case why that click is worth it.

MEASUREMENT: Website traffic directly from social media. This can be tracked through Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. You can also use UTM codes or URL shorteners (like Bitly) to track clicks.

Facebook Pixel

GOAL: Increase sales revenue 

This goal can be tricky. Just saying “more sales” is hard to quantify. Instead, consider setting up a campaign with specific products or services that you can track. Or run a special offer and track sales of that.

MEASUREMENT: Sell 25 units of X product in a month. This is tracked through your sales or order process.

GOAL: Improve customer service

In this day and age, people will take to social media in a heartbeat to ask questions, give feedback or make a complaint. Using social media as an extension of customer service can be a huge benefit to your business.

MEASUREMENT: How many customer service conversations have you had with your customers on social media. Count them and keep up month to month.

Breaking your goals down into trackable bite-size pieces can seem like a daunting task, but they are your goals for a reason. Show just how great your social media marketing strategy is when you meet your goals and show the boss HOW you met them with real numbers!

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