Case Study: Increase Event Attendance

Business Lecture has great event attendance

What can you do if traditional advertising isn’t bringing people out to your event?

That’s the problem our client was facing.

And they desperately needed more people to attend their events.

If you know us at all, you know we came in with a solution that involved social media advertising! Why? Because it works. We used social media advertising to increase event attendance for our client.

Case Study: Increase Event Attendance

Even though this business used Facebook event pages, on average only about 2-6% of Facebook followers will see posts on an event page. Advertising is the key to making 100% sure your event details get in front of the right audience.


Take a look at what we did on Facebook – 

  • Facebook Event page was regularly updated.
  • Facebook Business Page was used to post event updates (don’t rely JUST on the event page).
  • Ran targeted Facebook ads to multiple audiences.

Creating audiences for the event ads used a strategic approach.


The client also had an active LinkedIn presence that we could take advantage of. LinkedIn provided access to another professional audience who would have interest in these particular events.

Here’s what we did on LinkedIn –  

  • Posted event details and updates.
  • Ran sponsored posts (posts that are “boosted” to be seen by more people).

Creating an audience to target based on job title and workplace is a great way to use LinkedIn.

  • Tested multiple ads with different text and images to see which ones got the best engagement.
  • Used different types of ads for event awareness (impressions) and web traffic (engagement).

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