3 Tips for Teleworking When You’re Not Used to It

Many of you have found yourselves suddenly teleworking. While working from home may have been a luxury that happened from time-to-time before, it’s now part of daily life.

At least for the next several weeks.

Since the Move Digital team works from home regularly, we thought we’d share 3 tips for teleworking to make yourself productive during this stressful time.

3 Tips for Teleworking When You’re Not Used to It

1. Prepare Yourself

Our best advice to you is to get up your regular work time, get ready like you normally would (minus the makeup and plus the comfy pants). Drink your coffee, eat your breakfast and prepare the kids for their day… just like normal.

Doing this helps you to prepare and get in the mindset to do work. And that’s the key to being productive!

Prepare yourself to do work mentally and physically. Maintain both as long as you can. Be productive!

2. Create Office Space

When it’s time for you to be “in the office” set up a space that feels like a real workspace. Even with the kids running around, having a dedicated place to do office work is essential.

In the absence of a home office, the formal dining room table works nicely.

3. Over Communicate

If teleworking is new for you and your business, now is the time to over-communicate. It’s not annoying, but instead creates peace of mind that tasks are getting completed, or if they aren’t, why not.

Be transparent about your hours (some of us are more productive at night) and distractions (kids at home). Keeping the boss informed will make things go a lot easier for everyone involved.

Now that you have our tips for success, good luck with moving forward in these strange times.

We are all making adjustments and patience and communication is the way to go, along with giving yourself the best possible preparedness and productive space.