Free Marketing Help for COVID-19

stay home postit note during covid-19

Who: Huntsville small business owners affected by Coronavirus

What: Free 45-minute marketing consults from Move Digital Group’s digital marketing experts valued at over $5,500

Why: Why are we giving away our services, considering that they don’t scale? Easy—this is time we reserved for producing Our Valley Events content. And since events have canceled and we know a lot of small businesses are struggling right now, we wanted to use the “bonus” time to help our community.

About the Calls

We know times are tough right now for so many of you. So, we are providing marketing counsel at zero cost to businesses who lack this resource.

There’s no sales pitch during the free 45-minute consulting call—just someone from our team helping you.

We suspect that most questions will relate to your small business and COVID-19. But we can talk about whatever is keeping you up at night.

How It Works

  • Click here to book your call at a time that works for you.
  • Complete the short survey that appears after you select a time slot.
  • Log on at the appropriate time where we can video chat, screen share, and more.
  • During the call, we’ll dive right into helping you solve your top-priority questions.