Four Reasons You Should Not Hire an Agency For Business Marketing

person looks on ipad at reasons to not hire marketing agency

Busy business teams, both small and large, often have an in-house marketing staff. For many reasons, hiring an agency for all or some of the marketing strategies or tasks is a very real conversation to have.

Should you hire an agency?

In part two of this series, we explore the answer NO.

4 Reasons Not Hire an Agency for Business Marketing

If the answer is no, then why?

1. You don’t have the internal structure to support working with an agency. If you are limited on budget and resources, it’s a no-go.

2. Does your industry have a big learning curve for an agency? Certain industries like finance, law, or medicine have rules and regulations that must be adhered to in all aspects of marketing. Do not hire an agency that doesn’t understand your industry and the importance of your regulatory and compliance structure.

3. If you need sales right now, focus on that first. Spend your time and resources establishing your business and getting customers in the door. Adding in more specialized marketing efforts or off-loading in-house marketing can wait.

4. Sometimes an agency does too good of a job! If you’re not set up to intake the business that an agency can send your way, hold off. Case in point – your website. If it’s not optimized to handle the increase in traffic of digital campaigns, or set up to funnel your sales appropriately, make that a priority before hiring a marketing agency.

Hiring an agency just might not be the right decision for your business. That may mean that an agency will never be a good fit, or it might mean it’s not the right time.

When it is time, read the reasons you should hire an agency.