Social Media Ads for Companies with Limited Time and Budget

budget spreadsheets and calculator showing company budget for social media ads

There are 50% more Facebook advertisers in 2016 than there were in 2015.

6% of active business pages advertise on Facebook. Since there are 50 billion active business pages, 6% is a big number.

We spend a lot of time creating and managing digital advertising for our clients. Social advertising is a significant part of many client marketing strategies.

Because of this, we get asked all the time when speaking at events, during Q&A’s, or in one-on-one discussions…

“Should we advertise on social media?”

The answer is YES.

In the 5 minutes it takes to read this article, I’m going to focus on breaking that “yes” down. That yes can often be hindered by two common issues – limited time and limited budget.

Social Media Ads for Businesses with Limited Time and Budget

1. Limited Budget

You have a marketing budget, but it’s small or stretched with other commitments. You want to run social advertising but just can’t allocate very much right now.

What do you do?

Answer: Targeted Facebook ads or LinkedIn sponsored content

Targeted Facebook ads allow your company to target based on:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

These are best when you have a small budget, but need to get the word out about something specific.

You need to focus on a singular goal with your message. All ads must have a goal.


  • Recruiting for an open job- target a particular location (like a college campus) or look for certain job titles, industries, or educational backgrounds. Link back to your website with a full job description and how to apply. (Read: 3 Steps for Recruiting with Facebook Ads)

LinkedIn Sponsored content allows you to target based on:

  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Skills
  • Member Groups


  • Training event that requires registration- target based on location, industry, job titles, and skills that your ideal attendee would possess. Encourage sign-ups and link to the registration page.

As long as your targeted ads have a goal and are targeted appropriately (know who you want to reach), they will do the job on a limited budget.

2. Limited Time

You have a committed budget for social advertising but don’t have the staff or resources to devote to ongoing management. Or your dedicated staff person wears many hats, and this is one of many jobs.

What do you do?

Answer: Facebook page promotion and/or brand awareness ads.

These ads are easy to set up and let run for extended periods of time. They work behind the scenes to grow your page and share your message.


  • New product or service launch – Introduce the product and include a compelling image. Link back to your website. Target an audience of potential customers and industry leaders who should take note. Run for a month and check stats once a week.

The key to success, however, is to have a goal for each ad. Ads will ultimately be a waste of both time and money if they don’t have a purpose.

Social advertising for business works. If it makes sense for your company, give it a try. A little research and planning, plus working toward a goal with each ad, will set you on the path toward results.