How To Use Facebook to Get More Customer Emails

new emails arrive on phone inbox

We need more emails for our weekly email blast.
One of our clients needs people to request more information about their services.
Another client would like people to call and schedule an appointment.

If only there was a Facebook ad that made it easy for someone to do these things while scrolling through their feed?


It’s called a Facebook Lead Gen ad, with Gen being short for Generation or Generating. The goal of this Facebook ad is to “generate a lead”.

Lead Gen Ads are used to collect potential customer’s information (the lead) right from Facebook (or Instagram).

How To Create a Facebook Lead Gen Ad

Before you can create the ad, there are several things you must do first.

You must have a privacy policy on your website that you will have to link to in the ad. You also have to accept Facebook’s Lead Form Terms of Service as your Facebook Business page.

After that, build the required Lead Form. This is the spreadsheet where Facebook stores the leads, and that you can access later. If you create the form first you won’t have to backtrack later while creating the actual ad.

The Lead Form is located under Publishing Tools.

Ready to Create the Lead Gen Ad

Select Lead generation as your Campaign Objective.

As you are setting up the ad, decide what you really need to collect and don’t ask for more than that. The quicker and shorter the request, the better. Keep it simple, like requesting an email address.

Build your ad using graphics and a message that supports the intended call to action. Choose the Sign Up call to action for emails. 

Test the entire lead gen process before you publish the ad to be sure all of the steps work like they are supposed to and the instructions are clear.

Monitor your results and plan the next steps to contact your leads while they are fresh. Leads are proven to be most receptive to offers if they are contacted quickly after they reach out.

Be sure to follow through with any promised incentive. If you are collecting emails for an email campaign, be sure they get the emails. If you are collecting emails to send information, be sure and send it.

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