How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell More Online

Credit card lays on laptop after being used to buy facebook ads

Would you like more people to purchase products in your online store? I bet the answer is a big YES!

And just like selling more products, wouldn’t it be nice to get more email sign-ups or online applications (if that’s your thing)?

Do you just need people to come to your website and take a specific action?


How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell More Online

Consider a Facebook Conversion Ad.

What the heck is that?

A Facebook Conversion ad is an ad that is optimized for an action to take place.

So, for example, someone going from Facebook to your website to purchase a product by placing it in an online shopping cart and then buying it…. well that’s a conversion. They converted from a non-customer to a customer.

How to Create a Facebook Conversion Ad

Before you can even think about running a Facebook conversion ad, you need a Facebook Pixel.

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Once your Pixel is set up and showing activity, you are ready to set up a conversion ad in Ads Manager or Business Manager.

When creating your new campaign, choose Conversions as your Campaign Objective.

Now you will need to decide what to optimize for. For example –

  • pageviews
  • add to wishlist
  • add to cart
  • checkout
  • email sign up

To be able to optimize effectively, Facebook needs a minimum of 25 or more conversions per week.

What does this mean in the most basic terms?

Consider starting with conversions that will be easier to achieve. For example, use Pageviews as the conversion instead of Add to Cart. This will allow you to build product awareness as you work towards more direct sales conversions later. 

How do you select a budget strategy for a conversion ad? You have two options: Lowest cost or Target cost.

  • Lowest Cost: Facebook will place a monetary bid based on your selections and will not go over the bid cap that you set. This can help you get a less expensive conversion cost.
  • Target Cost: Facebook will place a monetary bid to stay right around the amount you set. This will help you maintain a stable budget, but you may spend more per conversion.

It’s time to build your conversion ad. Use your artwork and text to make it clear what action you want the person to take.  

Once your ad is running, don’t forget to monitor your results. Conversion ads need constant monitoring so that you can make sure you are achieving your desired results.

Give yourself time to set up your conversion ad. All of the pieces have to fit (website, action, links, pixel, etc.) so it’s not an ad that can be set up in a hurry.

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