How to Create Instagram Lead Ads

Scrolling on instagram on tablet after creating an instagram lead ad

If you are using social media to generate business leads, look no further than Instagram.

Did you even know you could run Instagram lead ads? Lead ads allow someone to show you they’re interested in what you have to offer by providing personal information. If someone gives you their info and opens a path for communication, that’s a lead!

How to Create Instagram Lead Ads

Before you place any ads on Instagram, make sure your bio is optimized to collect leads. Your bio can and should include a call-to-action (CTA) and a link back to your website or campaign landing page.

(Remember, Instagram ads are run through Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business) 

AD TYPE – Lead Generation

Now, when creating a leads ad, you start with the Lead Generation advertising option.


Lead generation (or lead gen for short) is the type of ad you select when the objective is to generate a lead.

A lead gen ad will collect someone’s data right there on the Instagram platform. It presents no barrier between seeing the ad and the audience inputting the desired information to submit to you.

AD PLACEMENT – Instagram

In Ads Manager set up,  you’ll want to chose “Edit Placement” to select Instagram as the ad placement location.

instagram placement

If you need a refresher for Facebook Ads Manager, re-visit our Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads Manager blog here

AD SETUP – Lead form

Once you get to ad setup, fill in all of the information as you would any Facebook ad with the appropriate image or video, text, and links.

For lead gen ads, make sure your CTA is not only something that matches your message, but that it clearly conveys what action you want the audience to take.


Here’s where a lead gen is different from a regular ad. There is a Lead Form that you will create and attach to the ad. This Lead Form is found at the bottom of the ad set up.

Click on Create New Form to start.

Lead Gen Form Type

The first thing you need to do is select your Form Type. “More Volume” means a form that’s quick to fill out, easy to submit. “Higher Intent” asks for information confirmation (an assurance of intent).

Lead Gen Intro

Next up is the Intro screen. This is where you will say EXACTLY WHY YOU WANT THE INFO AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH IT. Transparency is key to a good lead gen ad. Make sure the audience understands what they get!

Lead Gen Question

The Questions section is where you select what information you want the audience to provide. You’re asking questions to gather their data (what will be the actual “lead”).

Some fields (the boxes where this data is collected) will pre-fill with the person’s information since they see the ad while logged into Instagram.

It’s important to note that not all fields will get filled in automatically for lead generation ads on Instagram. According to Facebook (where Instagram ads are run), the following fields are ones that will pre-fill:

  • Email
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Gender

If you include fields for anything else, the person will have to type in the information. Consider this when setting up your ad!

Lead Gen User Info

Your next screen provides a place to link your privacy policy. If you are collecting someone’s information over the internet, they need an understanding of how you intend to use it (or not use it). If you don’t have a privacy policy, now is the time to post one. You can not create a lead gen ad without it.

Lead Gen Privacy

The last section is the Thank You screen. This is what shows after the requested information is given. Your audience can click over to a landing page or your website (if they chose to click over). Otherwise, they will select “Done” and return to their Instagram Newsfeed.

Lead Gen Thank You

TAKE YOUR TIME setting up the ad. Make sure it reads clearly, and the instructions are easy to understand. Then, you are all set!

Other than a “Lead Generation” ad, what ways can you use Instagram to collect leads?

Run a “Traffic” ad (which sends your audience to a website when they click the desired call-t0-action). Create a campaign landing page that asks for more information.

Create a contest that allows you to collect information from your audience. Just make sure the people who enter know that you’ll use their data for future communication.

Also, don’t forget to put a call-to-action directly on your image or video, if it makes sense. The more up-front you are with what you want, and WHY you want it, the better quality leads you’ll get.

If your business is having success on Instagram and is ready to take it to the next level, consider using the platform to generate leads. A good Facebook ads campaign can create new business leads right now.