Examples of Instagram Ads That Work and Why

Photo of tacos on phone for Instagram ad

Give yourself a break; we are all still new to running ads on Instagram. And with so many options, how do you make sure that your message and ad content are achieving your goals?

It’s also easy to get rushed and not put as much effort into making sure everything is working the way it should. Especially with Instagram.

Looking at examples of other Instagram ads can help you figure these things out.

We all could use some inspiration!

Examples of Instagram Ads That Work and Why

What were we looking for in these examples to share?

Exciting and useful design, a clear call to action, compelling text, and proper use of Instagram ad features.


This Instagram ad’s objective is to install an app. The image is eye-catching and does an excellent job of visually reflecting the outcome of using the app! The text establishes credibility by saying “millions” of people have used the app and now are happier.

It’s also a nice touch to show the app artwork, which will make it easier to recognize in the App Store or Play Store.

calm insta


Below is a GAP Instagram Stories ad. Because it’s a Story, the visual makes you feel like the party is happening right then.

The black and white color combination stands out as you swipe through your Instagram Stories. The gold accent GAP logo also catches your attention, while the text overlay blends in.

This ad utilizes the “swipe up” feature to take you straight to a landing page… in this case the GAP online store.

gap story

Story Ad |  Online Store (after swiping up)


The unique graphic in this Hopper Instagram Stories ad works in its favor! It is not just another travel picture. All of the elements added to the story draw your eye to the main message.

The arrow is a nice touch, as it gives the ad a more casual feel.

And, it could easily be recreated with a change to the background. A beach for summer, a mountain for winter… you could have an entire season of ads without tiring out your audience or your ads manager!

hopper insta

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

This Instagram sponsored post by Mrs. Meyer’s captures a seemingly non-Instagram moment (how often do you see something “messy?). But that is precisely what makes it eye-catching and relatable, especially to their target audience.

This ad is simple, yet effective, and is not too “salesy”.

mrs myers insta


Macy’s wants you to shop, and that’s the point of their eye-catching array of products found in this Instagram ad. There is an easy-to-understand call to action, Shop Now, plus a great use of hashtags.

It checks all of the boxes for an inspiring Instagram ad!


If you need to step back and better understand the ad types and calls to action referenced here, check out our blog: How to Use Instagram Ads to Generate More Business.