Our Best Facebook and Instagram Video Advice for Businesses

Woman with Video set up to create content for social media
Our Best Facebook and Instagram Video Advice for Businesses

We can’t ignore the video that fills our news feeds. And it’s pretty obvious we don’t want to! People are posting 75% more videos on Facebook than they did a year ago. With 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users, it’s what everyone wants to see.

Look at these stats –

  • Videos now make up 30% of the stories on the News Feed
  • Facebook is the 2nd largest referral source for video
  • Facebook videos are visible on Google search

Your business must consider video as a content priority for social media. It doesn’t have to be the dominant form of content that you post, but there is obviously a demand and place for it.

Use it for delivering branding, promotions, business culture, and more.

If your goal is to have your content seen, consider this one of the most easily consumable ways.

Our Best Facebook and Instagram Video Advice for Businesses


50% of the people in the United States of America watch at least 1 video per day on Facebook. Why not make it about your business?

Here are our video pro tips for Facebook:

  • Tailor the video to your current audience AND the audience you want to reach
  • Use the first few seconds wisely; that’s where you capture the attention
  • Make it watchable with and without sound
    • Include text or captions (captions earn 12 % more watch time)
  • Upload directly to the social media platform
    • Choose a good thumbnail!
  • Consider your mobile audience (small screen viewing)
  • Review analytics, then do what works and stop what doesn’t work

Don’t post and forget about it. This goes for all posts, not just videos. Everything needs to be analyzed for effectiveness. What worked? What didn’t work? Make more videos like the ones that worked!


In addition to Facebook, Instagram should be getting your attention for video content. It reaches an important younger audience. Over the last six months, the time people spent watching videos on Instagram increased by more than 40%.

Here are our video pro tips for Instagram

  • If using your camera on a mobile device, have a clean lens and avoid wobbles and shaking
    • Consider that videos autoplay without sound
  • Be visually compelling
  • Use creative features like slow-motion, stop-motion, or time-lapse
  • Show personality
  • Use relevant hashtags – make sure you do your research!

Spend some time creating and posting video content. Find what works for you and your business. Make this year the year of video!