Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

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Should your business be on Instagram?




It’s okay to take some time and find out the right answer. Here are a few things to consider.

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Deciding to be (or stay) on Instagram is not one to take lightly. I know we are talking social media here, but it’s a big commitment!

Think about all of the time taking photos, gathering or curating pictures, editing pictures, creating or gathering graphics, writing posts, researching and monitoring hashtags, posting, monitoring, engaging, and analysis.

Be honest if you have the time to do all of that, or the budget to hire someone to do it for you. Because if you don’t have the time or money, then stop here. Make a note on your calendar to consider it again in another 6 months. You might have a different answer then.

Benefits of Instagram

Why Instagram?

It’s a rapidly growing social media platform with almost exclusive mobile usage. These two things alone make it a highly desirable platform.

Engagement rates are higher on Instagram than on both Twitter and Facebook. This means your followers will interact with you, improving awareness and building a community around your business.

Instagram allows you to showcase your product with its exclusively visual feed.

Instagram is also shoppable! Products can be a click away from direct purchase on Instagram.

The visual nature of Instagram gives you a place to show-off your brand, your company culture, and your people because there’s more to you than what you sell.

Now Ask Yourself…

  • Does being on Instagram meet your business goals?
  • Who is your ideal customer and where do they spend their time online? Are they on Instagram?
  • Are peers or competitors in your industry on Instagram?

If the answers to those questions indicate that YES, you should be Instagram, go make your presence known!

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