5 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Traditional Marketing

Marketing strategy written on a desk

Consider the wheels on a bicycle. They are oh-so-important for a bike ride!

The spokes are an essential component of a wheel. Necessary for it to turn. With broken spokes, your bike wouldn’t move. At least not comfortably. Without pain and a lot of effort.

Your marketing tactics are like each spoke on a central hub. Every outlet must work together; if they don’t, your business has a broken marketing wheel.

How to Integrate Social Media into your Traditional Marketing

1. Format your press releases for social media

Media outlets increasingly use social media to distribute news, events, and relevant information.

Maximize your brand’s exposure by including a quote or headline in your press release formatted as a tweet and adding an appropriately sized image.

2. Consider your email signature

How many emails does your business send in a day to customers?

Create an email signature line that contains links to your social networking sites.

Make it easy to connect with you, and they will.

3. Share print publications

Local businesses sponsor fantastic community events and get featured in great editorial pieces.

If an online edition is available, get more eyes on that story by sharing the link with your social media followers. It is a win for the publication and allows you to reuse content in multiple ways.

4. Snap a picture

Lights, camera, action!

Today you’re filming a TV commercial. But behind-the-scenes shots are unfamiliar to most of your online audience.

So, snap a picture to share with your social followers! Don’t forget to tell your fans when and where they will be able to see the action debut.

5. Ask!

Never underestimate the power of asking your customers if they will connect with your business online.

Share with them what they can expect to find (specials, offers, product tips, invitations). Also, ask for their input on what information interests them.

Small steps can make a significant impact in growing your online audience!