When is the Best Time to Buy Social Media Followers?

money used to buy social media followers

Sometimes, when it comes to social media, you’ll hear the term “pay to play.” And while that most often means advertising to get your content in front of more people, it can also mean paying for workarounds.

Take follower count, for instance. If your competition has thousands of social followers while you have hundreds, what can you do to stack the deck?

Purchasing followers is one way to go about it.

In fact, there are several reasons why you might want to consider purchasing followers for your social media accounts.

Let’s look at each one.

When is the Best Time to Buy Social Media Followers?

You might want to consider buying social media followers if you meet one of the following criteria.

1. You just want to check the social media box.

You have no idea how to properly run a digital marketing program and don’t intend to learn. Social media is a box to check off and nothing more.

Have a Facebook page? Check. Have a Twitter profile? Check.

Now make them look impressive and move on. Purchasing followers would be one way to achieve that goal.

2. You want big numbers.

Most of all, you want to brag about your big numbers. Crush your competition with your massive follower count.

Who’s the winner? You are.

3. Social media doesn’t help your business.

You don’t intend to use social media for any useful business purpose. You don’t care to use it for branding, sales, recruiting, customer service, or marketing. None of that applies to you, so it doesn’t matter if your followers are fake. Go for it!

4. You don’t mind being a fraud.

If a knowledgeable colleague calls you out on your fake followers, you just don’t care. The brag was worth it, and that person doesn’t know anything about social media. It’s always better to have big numbers!

If any of this works with your social media business strategy, then buying followers is a great fit for you. A quick google search will send you on your way toward gaining thousands of new fans in days, if not hours.

It’s that easy.

When Should You Consider a Different Approach?

If you read the criteria above and feel that that’s not quite what you had in mind, take a different approach to grow your social media followers. Work towards gaining followers who care about your business. Followers who could become customers over time.

Here are a few things to try that can result in real connections.

  • Promoting your social media profiles wherever you can – email signature, business card, etc.
  • Social sharing buttons on your website
  • Cross-promoting your social media platforms

There is also a way to gain real quality followers through targeted advertising. Here is one Facebook ad option:


There is no shortcut to building robust social media platforms for your business.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no substitute for best practices, consistency, and creative advertising.

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