How to Use Instagram for B2B Business

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Are you feeling left out (or off) of Instagram because you are a B2B business? Not sure how to make it work for you?

Well, consider this your official invitation to the party!

How to Use Instagram for B2B Business

Instagram is a growing social media platform that is great for building relationships and awareness. Both extremely useful for a B2B business, right?

But before we begin, remember this most important rule! DO NOT launch your Instagram page without first establishing goals.

Goals will keep things in perspective and give you something to measure against.

Popular goals for B2B Instagram accounts include –

  • Branding and awareness (who you are, what you do)
  • Telling your story (why do you it, what’s your inspiration)
  • Business culture (what’s it like to work for you, who are your employees)
  • Show off your customers and your products in use

Get Started – Your Bio

Consider first your Instagram bio. Use it wisely to tell your audience about your B2B business. Be sure to include a link to more information. Make sure your bio is an also an extension of your goals.

Get Posting – Create Content

This is the fun part! Now that you have taken the plunge and are on Instagram (AND have established your goals), what should you post about?

  • Company culture and behind the scenes.

Let people see inside your offices, how your products are built or designed. Take your audience behind the scenes of events, sponsorships, community involvement and any other thing your employees participate in.

  • Show off your products through the use of video and images.

Instagram is a visual platform, but don’t stick just to photographs. Use videos to demonstrate how your products work. Show them in action or take about their designs or different uses.

  • Show your customers using or interacting with your product.

Use Instagram for customer testimonials. Can you highlight a customer, in their own words, saying whey they chose to work with you? Can a picture reveal your product in use in real time?

  • Showcase events.

Many of the B2B clients we work with are very active in their community. If you are too, then show it off! Showcase your employees attending events. Brag on those corporate sponsorships. Let your audience know where you are and what and who you support.

Make It Count – Smart Tips

Now that you know what to post and why, here are a few of our best tips. They apply to any business on Instagram, whether you are a B2B company or not.

  • Photos with faces generate 38% more “Likes” (or ❤’s on Instagram) than those without.
  • Use the photo or video captions to tell your story. Focus on the first three lines, which have the most chance of being read.
  • Find other Instagram accounts to engage with. Industry experts, related B2B businesses, influencers, or customers.
  • Use hashtags! You want people to discover you, right? You can even create a branded hashtag if you need to. Encourage your audience to use it, too.
  • Consider an advertising strategy. This will help you grow your audience and expand your reach.

Now you know how Instagram can work for your B2B business. Don’t sit out on the benefits of this growing platform.

PS: Don’t forget to analyze your results! Need to know how? You’re in luck!

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