How to Sell More on Instagram

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Where are people finding out about new products in the age of social media?

Well, 60% of them are finding out on Instagram! Hey, I agree because that’s been my new favorite place to go “shopping”.

An even more impressive statistic? Three-quarters take action after seeing a post.

Turn those actions into sales!

How to Sell More on Instagram

Businesses can GET followers on Instagram (yes, even organically!), but how do you sell them on your products and services once you have them? Let’s see…


Instagram is a visual platform and if the picture’s not good, it will be passed over for a better one. Take the time to set up good quality images. Have a visual plan for your Instagram and use consistent filters and photo editing.


Sometimes the critical message can get lost in the caption. Don’t be afraid to overlay text onto the photo. Put your essential CTA (call-to-action) front and center on the image itself!


Use the Shop Now feature on a 3rd party service to make your feed shoppable. That’s right! Users can shop directly from your posts.


Use hashtags (#) to place your product in front of an expanded audience. Be active on the hashtags that benefit your business. Get into the conversations that are happening around specific hashtags.


Throw your Instagram audience a bone now and then! Promotions just for your Instagram audience will peak their interest for sure. Make it a really good one or make it a recurring promotion so that they will engage and keep coming back for more.


Perhaps you need to show other Instagram users “using” your products and services? Maybe you need other people “talking” about your products on Instagram? Using influencers, either through trade or paid promotion can have a powerful impact on how your products are perceived. Turn that into sales!


User-generated content that highlights your products in use? Why wouldn’t you do that?! Just be sure to have a process in place asking permission to re-use someone’s photo. We find that most people will willingly share and are happy to grant permission when asked.

Studies have shown that posting pictures of real customers using your product can get you as much as 30% more engagement.” – Neil Patel


Did you think you would come close to the end of a list of tips about selling on Instagram without us advising you to run some ads? It’s like you don’t know us!

But seriously, consider a targeted Instagram ad strategy. Define your audience. Have a clear sales goal. Set up ads, Monitor. Repeat.

Look, most Instagram users follow their favorite brands on the platform. You probably don’t want ANOTHER statistic, but it’s 80% of users! That’s a lot.

And it’s time to take advantage of that audience to close some sales.

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