5 Ways Your Business Can Save Time on Social Media

computer sits on desk as clock ticks on wall tracking how much time social media saves

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have enough time to accomplish everything that they want to? Do you seem to rush from task to task and never seem to finish anything?

As a busy business owner and marketer, I understand how frustrating it can be to come home after a busy day and think, “what did I accomplish today..?”.  If you are like me, you need ways to get more done in less time.  And, you need systems that are both simple and effective.

Here are my favorite time management tips for staying on task and ahead of my to-do list.

Ways Your Business Can Save Time on Social Media

Use a project management system

Regularly checking (and rechecking) your email to make sure you aren’t dropping the ball is a classic time waster. Use a project management system and only check your email two times a day.

Schedule your social media posts

Time blocking your social media content will help you save a huge chunk of time.  Schedule all of your content at one time during the week. Then only check in during the day to listen and respond.

  • Facebook scheduler
  • Hootsuite/ Sprout Social/ Buffer, etc.
  • OnlyPult Instagram scheduler

Set a time limit

It is easy to get distracted and start to drift, especially with social media. Get on and get off your platforms according to your plan using one of these tools:

Review your analytics

Without measuring your results, marketing activities are a waste of time. Social media is no different.  Make sure that you check your social media reports and metrics to meet your goals.

Choose wisely

It is better to be excellent at one social media tool than to use five of them poorly. Choose your platforms based on where you can find most of your customers and prospects.

Quality over quantity:

  • Facebook: where all the people are; low posting frequency
  • Twitter: small and specific audience; high posting frequency
  • LinkedIn: business-focused; medium posting frequency
  • Instagram: younger/ growing audience; low posting frequency
  • Pinterest: female audience; high posting frequency