Move Digital Group Launches New Client Websites

Move Digital Group builds mobile-friendly websites.

Within the past month, Move Digital Group has launched two new websites for clients Keel Point and Ashlee Grove & Associates. While each website was built according to the clients’ specific needs, Move Digital Group ensured that each site had up-to-date SEO capabilities and clear, cohesive branding.

See the visual transformation of both websites below.

Client Website Redesign #1 – Keel Point

Keel Point is a notable wealth management and financial services firm with eight offices spread across the country and upwards of 75 employees. Keel Point’s mission is to design personalized wealth management goals and strategies for each and every one of its clients.

What We Did:

  • Improved the SEO for individual office locations
  • Created a clear path to find appropriate articles, tools, and research
  • Enhanced the team page with separate office tabs and individual bio pages for easier connections and conversions

Client Website Redesign #2 – Ashlee Grove & Associates

Ashlee Grove & Associates is a tutoring service that carefully pairs students with academic coaches to ensure the success of the child. Each individualized plan is centered around being collaborative, supportive, and personal.

What We Did:

  • Streamlined the tutoring options
  • Created a clear path to find appropriate tutoring options
  • Offered information on all education management options including homeschool support and virtual school support