In With the New

Move Digital Group Rebrand logo and website

When I started Move Digital Group ten years ago, I knew we had something special. It was the onset of widespread social media usage, and with our community’s boom on the horizon, Huntsville needed an agency like ours. 

Here we are ten years later, and it’s time to freshen up a bit. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a new brand, a new logo, and a new website that represents our values and the services we offer. I want to share with you the reasons behind our rebranding, what changes you can expect to see, and how they will benefit our clients.

Over the last couple of years, our co-owner decided to step away from Move Digital Group to have more time with her family. This ownership change and the evolution and expansion of our mission and goals made it a great time to start fresh.

Initially, we were social media-centric, so our speech bubble logo was a great fit. As digital marketing has grown, we have matured into a full strategy-first agency, with social media only part of our overall focus. 

Our new mark encompasses who we are now. The three lines represent a graph, and the Move Digital Group “M” shows our agency’s data-driven nature. Our work is based on strategy – not on gut feelings but research – to ensure the most effective outcomes for our clients, and that’s what Move Digital Group brings to the table every day.

Our new website also reflects this shift. You can see more about our expanded services and examples of some of our past work on these pages. 

We are proud of our impact on our clients and community over the last decade. And we look forward to the next ten years with a clear vision and focus on continuing to be the best digital marketing agency in North Alabama.