3 Free Digital Tools Proven to Increase Productivity

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Digital tools can be a benefit to any business but are especially helpful to small businesses.

If your company is like ours, you need to ensure that you maximize productivity and spend money wisely.

One way to do that is through free digital tools.

To show by example, here are three solutions that are not only free but proven (and personally used by us) to make you more productive.

Check That List

Save time by not creating processes or code from scratch. Or worse,  trying to make do. Instead, get the job done right the first time with the right tool.


Think of Asana as an open, company-wide to-do list, allowing collaboration and transparency between employees and team members.

At Move Digital, we use Asana to manage projects, create individual to-do lists and keep records of processes and checklists. Not re-creating things for each new client saves us hours each month.

Anyone Can Be Creative

No matter what the job, in a small business, almost everyone has to be creative from time to time.


Canva makes being creative easy. With ready-made templates, free graphics and helpful tutorials, you can make simple graphics with the look of a pro.

Move Digital uses Canva daily for social media graphics. But, we also use it to create presentations, infographics, and marketing materials. And we all use it, no matter our skill level. There are times to hire a pro, but sometimes your small business’s do-it-yourself attitude is served well-using tools like Canva.

Simplify Communication

Many digital tools are free to use their basic features. That makes it easier to give something a try and then let it go if it’s not a good fit.


Slack is a team communication software as a service (SAAS) that is as easy to use as most instant messaging- but better.

Move Digital was an early adopter of Slack. We use it as a way to eliminate unnecessary emails and provide an easy link and file sharing. Because you can try Slack for free (unlimited!), there was no risk involved in giving it a try. It works for us, but if it wasn’t a good fit… there was no contract to cancel, and it didn’t impact the budget.

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