2019 Social Media Predictions

crystal ball used to predict things about social media for the upcoming year

Another year has passed, and we find ourselves thinking about what’ll be most important in the future, and how we can get out in front of it! That’s especially important this year with all of the ways social media has not only made news but been the subject of it.

We had so much fun making predictions last year (which we will re-visit soon) that we couldn’t wait to do it again for 2019!

Each of the Move Digital team members took the challenge and offered a prediction for the coming year.

Move Digital 2019 Social Media Predictions


– Amy Jones, looking for good books and good coffee in 2019

The emergence of short-term social media has only grown in popularity since Snapchat roared onto the scene. It’s something that businesses can no longer ignore. I’m not advocating you get on Snapchat, but if you are on Instagram, you need to utilize Stories (they expire after 24 hours). Another example- post a pic of your staff lunch and tag the restaurant. It won’t sell your product, but it does show what’s happening “right now”. The latest marketing buzzword for this type of content is ephemeral content. So for 2019, do more ephemeral content.


Charity Stewart, ready for live music and new travel adventures this year

There will be an increased ability to shop directly on social media. There are hints of these features on Instagram already, but it is becoming more wide-spread. Right now, I can see an ad or search for something I’m interested in and buy it without ever leaving the platform. Some things I’ve purchased recently: concert tickets, new shoes, and home decor.


– Larkin Grant, looking forward to exploring England and drinking copious amounts of coffee to keep up with her little one

All the social media networks will start to look and function more and more alike. Twitter has longer status updates, Instagram is testing long-form content, and Facebook is using stories. Why do we even need all these different platforms?


– Laurie Heard, hoping for more downtime in the new year

Creating improved customer experiences.

2019 will be about creating improved customer experiences using personalization, automation, and AI technology. Organizations and marketers must produce better custom content that is conversational, including audio and video that is easy to share with well-targeted audiences.