Two Ways Professional Services Can Stand Out to Younger Generations

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Two Ways Professional Services Can Stand Out to a Younger Generation

Younger generations need professional services such as insurance, accountants, doctors, and lawyers.

How can you reach out to a younger generation and convert them into clients? We have a few ideas to get you started.

2 Ways Professional Services Can Stand Out to a Younger Generation

1. Don’t Be Old School

One thing to understand about the younger generations is that they do not like to fill out paperwork and wait days and days for quotes. Not to mention the fact that they don’t want to have to do any of that during traditional business hours!

Younger folks know they can get a quote online instantly.

They also really want personal service.

That gives you a huge opportunity!

Be where these potential clients are:

  • Have a dynamic online presence that’s mobile-friendly
  • Be on social media that makes sense for you
  • Be accessible beyond traditional business hours and traditional means of communications

Also, provide the kinds of information they are looking for. An excellent example of how you can reach a younger generation is by taking traditional agent-customer communication and turning it into educational videos or FAQs.

2. Be Personable and Authentic

Don’t be an annoying salesman.

Brand yourself and your expertise, and put your personal spin on insurance services rather than just talking about the products.

It is a way to differentiate yourself

How can you be authentic and provide information that appeals to a younger generation right now?

Consider –

  • Utilize reviews and testimonials (word of mouth is strong with this generation)
  • Profile a younger client
  • Highlight services that make sense for a younger client
  • Write blogs with a focus on the needs of a younger audience and showcase you personally (what do you bring to the table?)
  • Make the sales cycle as digital as possible

Young adults are walking around right now with insurance needs. Be there when they are ready to buy and be sure you are making a good impression.