Maximize Your Company’s Event Sponsorship (Part 1)

audience members sit at a conference sponsored by a small business
Maximize Your Company’s Event Sponsorship before the event

Is your company looking for ways to –

  • Build credibility?
  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Create community goodwill?
  • Reach key demographics?
  • Stand out from the competition?

Did you know that you can accomplish all of those objectives with one thing? It’s true!

The answer: Community investment through event sponsorship.

One of the easiest and most high-profile ways to check all those boxes is to sponsor a community event.

From a non-profit event to a chamber initiative to a business partnership activity, investing in the community through sponsorship can benefit your company.

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However, there is one key thing to remember!

Those benefits come as much by YOU maximizing your company’s sponsorship as it does by slapping your logo on the back of a t-shirt. But only if you have a solid social media strategy. You can’t rely on the group that asked for your money to do all of the heavy lifting.

Maximize Your Company’s Event Sponsorship Before the Event

8 Things To Do Before The Big Event

#1. Have logos, branding guidelines, and appropriate language to promote the event in advance

If you’re going to promote your involvement, you need all of the material, copy points, press releases, and images in hand well in advance. Make it a requirement of the funding!

#2. Create custom tracking links to use online

If a web link is part of your community sponsorship, create a custom tracking link to track web clicks. The code is essential for evaluating your brand awareness after the event.

Social Media Checklist for Event Promotion

Social media is one of the BEST ways to get the most from your community sponsorship.

Take advantage of the event for content on all of your social media platforms. Strategize opportunities to tie your company to the overall event or organization in charge.

Follow this simple checklist at a minimum to make sure the event is front and center.

#3. Create a Facebook event

#4. Post inside the Facebook event to show your enthusiasm

#5. Create posts tagging the funded business or group and expressing support for the event

#6. If it’s a public event, generate buzz with a giveaway

To gain the full benefits of your community sponsorship, shout about your involvement every chance you get.

Go the Extra Mile to Promote Your Event

There are a few “extras” you can do to personalize the sponsorship and make it work even harder for your bottom line.

#7. Feature an employee that has a personal connection

Many times, companies find out about a community event because someone on the team has a personal investment. Can that personal relationship become newsworthy on its own? Explore ways that you can highlight those connections.

#8. Educate staff internally so they can help share the word, donate, or volunteer

You can’t beat “word of mouth” marketing. Your employees and their connections (both online and in real-life) are one of the best resources for word-of-mouth promotion. Empower and educate your staff and give them the freedom to post on social media and get involved.

Now that you’ve decided to get involved in the community through event sponsorship, use these 8 tips to get started.

Your company can be successful at both getting involved and using your involvement for successful corporate promotion. Go for it!

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