Simple Advice for Giving a Great Presentation

man presents on giving a great presentation

In spite of ever-changing technology, the basic Powerpoint presentation is very much alive and well.

It remains standard business practice. And is still most often delivered via projector onto a pull-down screen.

Private businesses, educators, government contractors, and non-profits rely on this method of presentation to effectively deliver their message.

But thanks to better training, tools, software, and technology, our presentations can be even more effective. And our messages can stick with our audience long after they leave the room.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity! That’s the theme for a better presentation in 2016.

Statistics show the average attention span was 8.25 seconds in 2015. That’s down from 12 seconds in 2000.

Smartphones and our click-bait culture might take the blame, but we must adapt to that reality. We must realize the truth in “less is more.”

Read this great article from Forbes and heed the author’s advice – “Brevity isn’t just “the soul of wit,” it’s what’s going to ensure that your audience’s attention span makes it to the finish line at the same time your presentation wraps up–not before.

Keep the following things in mind when planning your next presentation.

1. Simple Outline

Write out your presentation. Your topic. Your bullet points. Your stats and supporting info. Your summary. Keep it simple.

Using the outline to fine-tune your message and weed out the stuff you don’t need will ensure you keep pace and deliver on time.

Six Minutes has great advice on presentation outlines.

2. Simple Slide Design

Whether you rely on a corporate graphics person to design for you or you use a program like Canva or Slidebean, a simple design structure is best.

Keep each slide to one thought only. It keeps your audience focused and not reading ahead.

Example: 20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

3. Simply You

Be yourself. The audience came to hear you speak on a topic. Introduce yourself. Tell a story about yourself.

Show your passion for the subject and relate it to the audience. As Carmine Gallo, author of Talk Like TEDsaid, “People cannot inspire others unless and until they are inspired themselves.”

As you prepare your next presentation, remember to keep it simple and fun. It’s 2016, so if you’ve been doing things the same old way, it’s time to try a fresh approach.

At Move Digital, we often present to varied groups of people and are always learning and striving for improvement. Let’s all work to improve ourselves and give our audience a great presentation!


If your nerves make presenting difficult, here’s advice from Fortune: If You’re Petrified of Giving a Presentation, Read This.