Case Study

Law Firm Increases Website Traffic by Over 600%


Timberlake & League is a personal injury law firm in Huntsville, Alabama, that helps injury victims get the compensation they deserve. Their highly competitive field relies on a constant influx of clients.

In the firm’s early days, Timberlake and League stood out for their Law Call TV show. But with fewer people watching television, they needed a new approach to attract new leads.

The firm approached Move Digital with an outdated website and a need for new ideas.


We began with a digital strategy that included:

  • Key brand messaging
  • Website KPIs 
  • Lead generation KPIs and objectives
  • Social media strategy
  • SEO and content strategy 


Move Digital Group initially worked with Timberlake and League on a new website and social media marketing.

Once the website and social media tactics were successfully producing results, we moved to the second phase of our campaign.

We focused on Google-approved SEO tactics, including high-quality content, linking strategies, on-page optimization, page experience and speed, and more.

Our efforts paid off. Timberlake and League’s web traffic increased exponentially year over year, bringing in additional leads for the client.


Increase in overall website traffic
0 %
Increase in Visitors on the About Page
0 %
Increase in Visitors on the Meet the Team Page
0 %
Move Digital delivers exceptional service and invaluable advice in the rapidly changing digital market. They are incredibly adept at identifying needs, crafting the right message and delivering on the platform that is best for your business.
Michael Timberlake
Timberlake & League