3 Case Studies That Prove Social Media Can Make Your Business Money

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When it’s time to trust your marketing dollars to social media, you want to ensure a return on your investment. Better yet, you want to make money off of this additional line item in your budget.

That’s where our corporate tag line comes in –

Marketing is based on science….not speculation.

There is no speculation here. We believe in applying the science that’s available to marketing today, and case studies are an important way to prove performance.

Case Study #1 – Social Listening Pays Off

Take a look at this case study from the B2B company Avaya. They make business communications equipment and communications solutions and have several large competitors.

Avaya put its ear to social media and monitored places where their customers were likely to be talking about them.

Social listening is a buzzword these days, but it is a powerful asset to a complete social media marketing strategy. Not only in listening to how people are talking about you, as Avaya did, but also listening to how they talk about your competitors. Are they asking questions that might generate a lead?

Like Avaya, listening can pay off big without spending a cent of advertising dollars.


A simple reply created a connection that resulted in a lead and a business deal of $250,000 that was closed within two weeks.

This is a huge sales success story that can be traced back to a single tweet. Think about the successes that are possible just by paying attention.


If you are actively listening (and engaging) on social media, the opportunities are out there to make real connections. Those connections just might be on the market and ready to make a deal.

Case Study #2 – Increase Leads and Conversions with Social Media

Kinaxis is a B2B supply chain management company from Canada. This case study dissects the ways in which they were able to achieve a 3.2X increase in lead conversions, create a robust membership community and drive traffic to their website, all while collecting leads.

Social media became a useful tool in Kinaxis’ efforts to establish itself as an expert. It showed their personality and company culture (the human side of the business) that potential customers relate to.

When you think of supply chain management, you probably aren’t thinking of a huge B2B community, humorous videos, and active blogging. But if data supports those things, then they make sense as part of your marketing strategy.

Don’t spin your wheels doing what you “think” needs to be done. Do what you KNOW needs to be done (because the data backs it up).


In 2007, Kinaxis’ CEO went to the marketing department and inquired about a greater presence on social media. The team commissioned valuable research and data about their audience. The agency conducting the research made several recommendations that Kinaxis implemented.

This new strategy included tactics such as continuing their blogging efforts, creating an online community, updates to their SEO and keywords, and total measurement of every aspect of their efforts.


By having outside firms research and create a social media strategy that Kinaxis could implement, they were able to track, engage and increase their lead conversions. With an effective social media strategy and increased digital efforts across all channels resulting in leads, this was money well spent.

Case Study #3 – Build Relationships with Target Audience

Developing a targeted online content strategy garnered $47 million in new business for AT&T.

This case study shows how AT&T created strategic B2B content written to meet a target customer’s needs. Social media was used to make sure that content got in front of the right people.

Most importantly, AT&T adjusted the client persona to make it truly customized to that particular customer’s pain points. The customer had a chance to get to know AT&T again, this time as their obvious solution provider.

Have you ever read a blog post or watched a podcast that felt like it was made for you…to address your particular situation? Taking the time to research and create a buyer persona will guarantee you are speaking to and engaging with the right customers.

Nothing wastes money in marketing faster than putting your message in front of the wrong people.


AT&T put together a new sales team with a specific Fortune 100 company in mind. They needed to rebuild relationships and created a social media strategy to do just that.

By creating blogs that offered up solutions and using Twitter and LinkedIn to share not only their own content but others in the industry, AT&T was seen as an expert and thought-leaders, re-establishing its credibility with this company. They took the time to establish relationships and build trust. Over time, the desired bids came in from the target company.


Your business can really save money by taking the time to invest in and cultivate relationships through social media. Create a way for your potential clients and customers to know you, even before you’ve formally met. If you address their specific pain points, they will know who to come to when they finally need a solution. (You!)

It took AT&T well over a year to get these big bids in. Content marketing is not a quick sell. If you think of it in terms of building relationships, you know that the payoff will come down the road.

Now Make Money

Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy. And even if you are still skeptical, knowing that it’s possible to close big deals, save corporate dollars and build strong relationships is a step toward seriously considering it.

We help our clients utilize social media in a way that works for their business, generating leads, making sales, sharing information, and thought leadership, saving you time and money.

Let us help you be the next successful case study.