Changing Your Social Media Plan As You Go

keyboard on computer used for social media

Social media is always changing.

That makes creating and adjusting your social media plan a fun adventure.

(That’s, right! I said FUN!)

It also means you need to be flexible.

Changing Your Social Media Plan As You Go

You can and should improve your social media plan as you go.

How do you know when you need to change?

The BIG RED FLAG WARNING is when your Facebook or Instagram (or any other platform you use) measurements start to take a turn and head south a bit. Your social media plan should include metrics to measure against, so you’ll see when the numbers are off.


Start slowly and test one thing at a time. If you change everything at once, you won’t know what actually made a difference.

When trying something new, take baby steps.
Example – Don’t go from posting three times a week to seven times a week. Try to increase post frequency by one or two times a week and see what happens.

Be sure to give your changes a chance.

Try things for a month or so before making a judgment about if they’re working.

The exception is social media ads. Ads should be changed and left alone for at least 72 hours and then evaluated again.

Below is a checklist to start with for adjusting your social media plan.


  • How often you post (do you need to increase)
  • The time of day you post (this can be surprisingly important)
  • The days of the week you post (not all days perform the same)
  • The types of content you post (less linking, more images, add video)


  • Call to action (does it need to be more direct)
  • Image or video  (change it out, sooner rather than later)
  • Ad text (is your text too wordy, too clever, not clear enough)
  • Audience (adjusting your audience can have the most significant impact of all)
  • The headline in a traffic ad (all the words matter)
  • Newsfeed description in a traffic ad (be transparent)

These are just a few easy adjustments that can make a big difference to your social media and the goals you are targeting. Once you invest in your social media plan, stay flexible and be ready to adjust it as you go.