Why Adobe Post Will Be My Go-To App This Year

Faded image of Adobe Post

Content creators have so many great app and website tools to help make amazing images; what’s one more in the mix?

Are we even capable of turning away from *Canva long enough to notice what’s new?

Well… I’ve got news for you. A little game-changer app launched in December 2015 is making waves.

Let me introduce you to Adobe Post.

Why Try Adobe Post?

Adobe Post is Adobe’s first foray into a mobile design app specifically for social sharing. The fact that Adobe is behind the app gave me instant buy-in because, as a creative person, I can’t live without Creative Cloud.

The fact that it’s free to download from the App Store is another bonus!

What sets this app apart from other mobile design tools besides Adobe’s expertise in all things design? It’s ONLY mobile.

That’s right, you can only use it on your (currently iOS) mobile device. It’s also very easy and intuitive to use.

NOTE: In order to use Adobe Post, you must have a Facebook account or a Creative Cloud account. These are the only two ways to log into the app at this time.

I’m happy to take you on a quick tour.


First, you’ll notice the Remix area. These are ready-made graphics that you can “remix” with your own image, color combo, text, etc., without having to come up with the design on your own.

Here, I’ve chosen a remix and uploaded my own image from my mobile device’s photo library. I’ve edited the text and now I have the option to explore color combinations.

I chose to go with a new color palette, which changes the look of the entire design.

Once I was happy with my image, I saved it off to my device, but you can see how easy it is to share directly to a social platform.

And voila! I created this graphic in less than 2 minutes.

Now you can see why Adobe Post will be my go-to app in 2016! I’ve even used it for creating personal images to share with friends and family.

What will be your go-to app this year?

* I use and love Canva. In fact, I used it to make the header image of this blog. #CanvaLove