We Use Slack and You Should Use Slack for Your Business Too

slack on computer with glasses

For Move Digital, Slack has fulfilled our mission of making work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

You see, before Slack came along, the Move team communicated in the ways we found most convenient – email, text message, Facebook message, etc. The problem was, our communication channels weren’t consistent. I could never predict which platform a communication would come in, which sometimes made it hard to keep up.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, now might be the time to look into Slack for your business. You’ll see why Inc. named Slack its 2015 Company of the Year.

We Use Slack, and So Should You

When Slack was introduced, the main goal for Move was to eliminate unnecessary emails and give everyone a consistent place for company communications. What we got was so much more!

Move Digital uses Slack for all of our communications. We have different channels to discuss client matters, post articles for the team to read and discuss, share project-specific information, and even have private one-on-one conversations.

Having the app makes it as easy to use as text messaging. Sharing links, integrating emojis, and uploading images mean that there isn’t anything we can’t communicate (and in the ways we find most personable) to our teammates.

BONUS: Team Move has a “random” channel which has proven to be quite a fun little repository for things we want to share with each other that have little to nothing to do with our work. Random is where we share things that interest us, things we want to rant about, and even share personal stories.

Top Reasons Move Digital Loves Slack

1. ONE place to keep everything.

2. It’s searchable.

3. It’s FREE to try and even to continue using depending on what features you want.

4. It has a “do not disturb” feature that allows you to Slack your co-workers at 2 am so you don’t forget something that’s keeping you awake… yet they aren’t woken by the notification.

5. One-on-one conversations are private.

6. The app makes it as easy to use as text messaging.

7. In group channels, you can tag a specific teammate with the @ symbol, making sure they know that information applies directly to them.

8. You can “favorite” messages for easy recall later.

We are constantly on the lookout for tools that make our jobs easier and more efficient. That’s why we love being Slack “slackers.”